Award-winning British high-performance, sports bra brand MAAREE announces the launch of its brand new Battle Bra and pledges support to The Fawcett Society to help close the gender pay gap.

This Equal Pay Day (20 November), MAAREE, the female founded sports bra and apparel brand, proudly announces the launch of the MAAREE Battle Encapsulation Sports Bra; supporting women with 360-degree hold, superior shaping, and an incentive to help close the gender pay gap.

A brand new bra design and style from MAAREE since pre-pandemic times, it will be available to pre-order from 20 November (and delivered around 20 January 2023 to purchasers) and is priced at £76.

Featuring MAAREE’s proprietary, award winning Overband® technology, a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts to reduce upward motion like no other bra before, MAAREE’s encapsulated Battle Bra offers superior support, shaping and comfort, whatever your size.

The Battle Bra uses an underwire and moulded cup formation to create a shapely silhouette with defined breast separation. Sizing is divided into cup and underband measures, with 35 sizes available in two colours – Black and Plum. The brand new product is defined as a high-impact, encapsulation sports bra, making it perfect for high-energy activities such as running, HIIT and combat sports, and cleverly complements the award-winning Solidarity and Empower bras in the brand’s collection.

What’s more, with around 80% of women in the UK wearing the incorrect size of sports bra, MAAREE offers FREE and unlimited online fitting consultations to ensure you receive the correct size and required support for your bust.

As a brand passionate about supporting women whatever challenges they face, to mark the launch of the Battle Bra, MAAREE has partnered with The Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights at work, at home and in public life. Equal Pay Day is Fawcett’s flagship annual campaign, marking the day in the year when, based on average pay, women overall stop being paid compared to men. This year it falls on 20 November 2022 and using the mean, full-time, hourly gender pay gap for the UK, the total gender pay difference between men and women this year is 11.3%.

In line with MAAREE’s ethos of supporting women, with every sale of the Battle Bra, MAAREE will offer customers the choice to either save or donate 11.3% towards the Equal Pay Day campaign via The Fawcett Society, from launch through to the end of the year. On the £76 bra, the percentage equates to £8.59. MAAREE will match the amount donated by its customers to the cause.

Founder Mari Thomas says: “As a female entrepreneur, it’s really important to me that women are recognised as equal, which is why I am thrilled to announce our partnership with The Fawcett Society for the release of our incredible Battle Bra. We hope that our incentive to purchase and donation pledges, will help the ongoing battle for gender equality. Its almost 2023, its time women who work just as hard as men, are paid equally!”


RRP £76 – but available until 31 December at the 11.3% reduced price of £67.41.
Available in 35 sizes. Black and Plum colours.
High Impact Sports Bra
Encapsulation style
Underwired with moulded cups
Overband® Technology
Low profile, bonded seams
Convertible H to racerback & adjustable straps
Sized by cup and underband
Widest ever shoulder straps

THE BATTLE BRA is available to pre-order from 20th November at a cost of £76 with the option to save or donate 11.3% towards the Equal Pay Day campaign.

The first 100 customers also receive a free MAAREE hair scrunchie.

There is also a Christmas Gift Box offering, Priced at £86, this includes a gift card, tape measure, socks and box to open at Christmas.

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Mari Thomas has been interested and excited by sport from a young age and as she grew up, she realised the importance and positive impact it had on her every-day life, from physical and mental health benefits to the acquiring of key life skills.

Yet, what she discovered as she blossomed, was that, for so many women, the right tools to allow them to perform at their best, simply weren’t available.

Her career path led her to become an experienced sports brand tester, advising some of the biggest names in the business, however, she felt that for her personally, there still wasn’t the ultimate sports bra out there. Whilst most addressed the prevention of downward motion, they didn’t combat motion in the upwards direction, which meant vertical movement was still a very present and noticeable issue.

It became her mission to design and create a bra which tackled this problem and two years spent designing and perfecting the bra and the Overband® Technology, resulted in a sell-out success of her first collection in the spring of 2020. At the very heart of her business lies her passion and motivation to create products that allow women to comfortably reach their full sports potential.

The Overband is a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts, to reduce upward motion when exercising. It is specially designed to distribute the pressure across the breasts whilst offering a pleasing silhouette, which means no unnatural looking or unwanted lumps or bumps appearing where they shouldn’t.

This world’s first and revolutionary technology is sewn into the front of the bra and also into the underband on your back. Therefore, fastening the clasp will apply the tension not only from the underband but from the Overband® also. This means the band will not be moving around independently of you or the bra when you are active.

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