Formulated specifically for active lifestyles.

This month sees Irish born and made active body care brand Nuasan launch to the UK market. Vegan, positively disruptive and cleverly combining science and sustainability to deliver natural, biologically effective and beneficial products for those leading an active lifestyle, Nuasan is destined to become a much sought-after ‘connected companion’ to one’s workout kit or active lifestyle cleansing routine. 

Leading the field with innovative products that specifically focus on post-exercise, downtime recovery and wellness, Nuasan facilitates wellness from the outside in. With a fundamental mission to keep people moving and feeling great, Nuasan is built around encouraging and rewarding consumers, working as hard as they do when it comes to self-care. At its core, are products that complement and support every day, as well as intense sports, activity.

Formulated in the west of Ireland, Nuasan is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur and passionate scientist Dara Scott. With eclectic professional experience, Dara’s appliance of science cultivated a journey from underwater robot research, to honeybees*, to human health. A ‘lightbulb’ moment came when Dara realised there was an opportunity to harness the power of natural, active ingredients that were keeping honeybees healthy and apply them to a new category – body care for humans. He spent four years working with his dedicated team to research and develop the idea of a better solution when it came to products available for active people. 

The result is a vegan and cruelty free, natural, eco-conscious, scientifically-proven, pure and home-grownbody care brand that is biologically effective and beneficial. Insanely fresh smelling and anti-bacterial, the current collection focuses on cleansing, protecting, soothing and hydrating skin to recharge and revive, promoting and inspiring wellness and self-care. 

Suitable for both women and men, available now are:  

Nuasan Active Body Wash: Enriched with arnica and magnesium to help tired muscles recover and repair faster whilst nourishing and hydrating skin. The body wash also contains Nuasan’s unique active ingredient L+pHControl® as well as peppermint and macro-algae. Priced at £18.00.

Nuasan Active Body Moisturiser: Developed to ensure one wakes soothed rather than sore, this lightweight and rapidly absorbed lotion will soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin whilst accelerating muscle repair.  A combination of arnica and magnesium coupled macro-algae, macadamia and oat. Priced at £27.00.

Nuasan Active Body Wipes: Plant-based, 100% biodegradable and enriched with L+pHControl® to eliminate bacteria that causes body odour, the combination of aloe, bamboo, peppermint and macro-algae, instantly refreshes, cools, soothes and hydrates. Whether it’s going for a run, fitting in squats or stretches before the next Zoom meeting or commuting, these are perfect to keep confidently fresh whilst on the go. Priced at £15.00.

Nuasan Active Foot Care: Formulated to protect feet wherever they need to go, this natural and long-lasting spraysoftens and smooths the appearance of feet, removes hard skin and eliminates any odour. A 4 in 1 anti-fungal and anti-bacterial foot spray containing L+pHControl®, Thymol, Menthol, Vitamin E & Tea Tree Oil, with 300 sprays, this will last around six months. Priced at £26.00.  

More innovative, functional and fresh products are set to launch over the summer and autumn months. 

As well as the natural benefits to the body, with a love of the planet and serious clean practices, Nuasan eco credentials include: 

  • Body wipes are made from plant-based fibres and are 100% biodegradable
  • 75% of its bottles are made from recycled plastic and all boxes made from recycled paper
  • All products are made from natural, sustainable ingredients and are free from sulphates, parabens, colorants, silicons and ethanolamines
  • HQ is powered solely by wind power 
  • 10% of profits go to climate change groups and sustainable charities.

A wellness wonder, Nuasan is set to make its mark across the health & fitness, well-being and active lifestyle spaces in 2021 and beyond. 

 *In 2008, along with a number of top scientists, Dara formulated a blend of natural extracts scientifically selected for bee health called HiveAlive. To date, it has protected over 6.5 million colonies worldwide and is shipped to over 45 countries from its base in Galway.

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