Sealskinz, the British waterproof accessories brand of choice, this month soars to even greater heights as it launches its game-changing new technology in glove design to keep outdoor adventurers moving in all seasons – Fusion Control™.  

Pioneering in its approach to its products and the demands of the modern-day consumer Sealskinz’s mission is to break boundaries, constantly evolve and innovate. 17 years ago, it broke the mould and set the bar for endurance brands with its iconic waterproof socks. Today, its globally patented, revolutionary Fusion Control™ technology signals another industry first, cementing the brand’s position as market leader with innovation, heritage, trust and quality at its very core.

The first-of-its-kind technology in the brand-new range of all weather, 100% water- and wind-proof gloves, brings together a workhorse combination of advanced benefits offering complete protection and functionality. These include:

  • Warmth and dryness. Its unique three-layer bonding process sandwiches a 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane securely between a Merino wool inner and a softshell outer shell.
  • Unrivaled breathability.
  • Unmatched dexterity and precise control.
  • No blisters, dampness, risk of liner slippage or pull out.

Fusion ControlTechnology

Fusion Control™ gloves offer precise control with zero risk of liner slippage or pull out. The unique three-layer bonding process sandwiches a 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane securely between a Merino wool or Coolmax® inner and a softshell outer shell, allowing for a closer-to-skin fit that provides high dexterity and range of movement as well as a significant improvement in grip. 

The breathability of the hydrophilic waterproof membrane is unique and works to release perspiration steam and warm air from inside the glove. This creates a high level of comfort for the wearer, improved with an innovative ‘open mesh’ bonding process that allows for maximum moisture transfer out of the glove, while still keeping the three layers secured as one.

What’s more, with its impressive heat retention, Fusion Control technology prevents hands from getting damp, cold or blistering.

The glove of choice for any consumer who loves the fun, excitement and challenges of hands-on outdoor sports and adventure whatever the season, Sealskinz is set to soar with this first to market, entirely unparalleled new patented technology. 

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