Take on the snow with these key waterproof accessories

Let it snow! Ski season is set to return with a bang. With restrictions continuing to loosen this winter and, with international travel now feeling safer and more realistic, there will be plenty of people in search of some powder in late 2021 and early 2022. So, as always, Sealskinz is here to help those in search of some winter fun.

While visions of blue skies, cool sunglasses and beaming sun might be at the top of many skiers’, snowboarders’, and outdoor adventurers’ wanted lists, it’s important to remember that mountains, snow and ice often result in some challenging conditions. Keeping warm and preventing the cold and wet surroundings from ruining that much-valued time on the slopes and trails is key.

Below are some of the must-have Sealskinz waterproof accessories for all snow-seekers this snow season. Featuring some stylish, yet practical and fully protective gloves – including some from the Fusion Control™range that boasts dexterity and warmth – as well as socks and beanies, there’s at least one item to suit everyone. Keeping extremities warm and dry has never been so easy – whether you’re hitting the mountains or tackling that cold, snowy walk.

Waterproof Cold Weather Work Glove with Fusion Control™ – Price: £80 / Available here

A heavy-duty, premium waterproof glove, the Waterproof Cold Weather Work Glove with Fusion Control™ will keep you dry and comfortable during any kind of cold and wet weather. The grip and dexterity are perfect for securely holding ski poles, sledges and other objects while the waterproof technology and materials lend to a protected, yet close-to-skin, fit.

Waterproof Cold Weather Glove with Fusion Control™ – Price: £75 / Available at here

The Waterproof Cold Weather Glove with Fusion Control™ is a go-to for activities in the snow. Ideal for keeping hands 100% dry during skiing; trekking, dog walking, and more, the gloves are warm and dexterous and provide excellent grip. Like the Work Glove above, this is ready-made for snow season.

Waterproof Heated Gauntlet – Price: £175 / Available here

Stay out in the coldest and wettest conditions with the Waterproof Heated Gauntlet. There are so many not-so-good things that can happen when you have cold and wet hands – blisters, numb fingers, and even frostbite are on that list. These rugged, 100% waterproof, heated gloves will keep you warm, dry, and protected from the elements.

Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock – Price: £40 / Available here

The Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Sock will keep you dry and warm in leaky waders, through stream crossings, and in rain, snow, and mud. Designed for use in cold temperatures, they’re ready made for winter adventures. Offering around the clock protection, they’re an item that every person should keep in their armoury, just in case.

Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock – Price: £45 / Available here

The Sealskinz iconic waterproof sock beefed up to tackle the cold, and, at a length that will keep you dry and on the move. These socks will keep you warm and dry in rain, snow, and mud while the knee length will give you that added extra bit of protection. The ultimate sock for making the elements a non-issue.

Waterproof Cold Weather Beanie Hat – Price: £25 / Available here

Stylish and warm, the Waterproof Cold Weather Beanie takes away any worries of a cold and wet head. This waterproof hat will keep you dry and warm in rain, snow, and mud, on brisk hikes, blustery walks with the dog, and chilly commutes. A winter go-to!

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