April marks the start of #StressAwarenessMonth, and with the last few months of lockdown, it’s even more important to look after our mental wellbeing.

Across the month, Team Aspire will be pledging to do one thing each to improve our wellbeing and keep our stress levels in check – because even adding the smallest changes to your routine can make the biggest difference.

Becky Hepworth

“I’ve been getting out for a dog walk each day, breathing in some fresh air and being around nature really helps reduce my stress levels.”

Vikki McGill

“I have been enjoying simple things like regular face masks in the bath and lighting candles at night in bed whilst reading to help me switch off and unwind. The face masks are helping my skin and it gives me something to look forward to in the evenings.”

Josh Puttock

“I’ve been making the most of our puppy to relieve some stress – he really has helped me to switch off when things are busy (when he’s not the cause of the stress!). Exercise, too, is a go-to for me. A short run or online class is enough to make me feel calmer and happier.”

Tania Lewis

“When I’m stressed it often impacts my sleep, so I’ve been making a conscious effort to start winding down from 9 pm with reading, essential oils and no screens.”

Layla Smith

“I’ve been incorporating a 10-minute mindfulness moment into each day, either sitting still with a cup of tea or whilst I’m walking the dog. Just taking to time to be in the moment, appreciate nature or concentrate on my breathing and let my thoughts flow freely.”

Monica Poncelas

“I have been checking in daily on my sense of humour. I like to laugh so if I don’t, it’s usually a good sign my stress levels are riding high.”

For more information on Stress Awareness Month and the 30 day challenge, click here.