Career background & highlights…

Prior to being at Aspire I spent 13 years working in entertainment PR; spanning film, TV and some personal PR clients. I also have a PT qualification, so have trained one-to-one clients and ran a weekend bootcamp.

Career highlights include press tours with big name talent – including the one and only David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff!

Role at Aspire…

I’m a Senior Account Director here at Aspire and lead on a number of accounts including OOFOS, Zone3 and Sealskinz. I work across strategic planning as well as delivery, and love the variety that my role offers, as well as the brilliant team and company culture.

How far removed is your childhood dream for what you are doing today?

It’s not a million miles off! I had ambitions to be a journalist growing up and I still love writing. The health & fitness part came in later, when a ‘lightbulb’ moment while on holiday made me realise that perhaps I should combine what I love to do every day with a career.

Best adventure?

Probably the best adventure I’ve ever had was an incredible trip trekking in the mountains in North Vietnam, led by a local guide whose shack we then stayed in. It coincided with Vietnamese New Year, so we got to experience how the locals celebrate. I also learnt on that trip that sunscreen is still required when it’s cloudy…

Adventure you most desire?

I absolutely love Asia and have been lucky enough to travel to parts of it already, but an extended trip combining islands and the mainland would be on my bucket list. That, and going to Cape Town and on safari.

Someone you really admire?

I think Dame Kelly Holmes is a brilliant woman. With an army background and having to ‘keep up with boys’ (and then putting them in their place), she is tough, down to earth, and has an insane level of determination. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, is authentic, and has a sense of humour. A combination of hugely admirable traits in my book.

What kept you going during lockdown?

Lockdown one coincided with my being on mat leave with my little boy, so I’ll be honest – it was a 5pm G&T in the garden with him and my husband. I also did a virtual bootcamp every Saturday morning for my regular bootcamp clients and friends. Looking back, the sense of camaraderie and ‘we’re all in this together’ was really special.

Something the team doesn’t know about me but they do now?   

I’ve ridden horses since I could walk and grew up eventing and show jumping. I gave up towards the end of uni, but I hope to go back to it one day.

What’s recently grabbed your attention?

The launch of lululemon’s women-only footwear range. For a brand with such a strong reputation and defined audience to still strive to diversify and better itself is really impressive. Any brand that puts itself on the line with a new offering rather than staying in its lane has my respect.

What do you love about this industry?

I think this industry is full of genuine, honest people. Maybe it’s something about how being active makes you feel (I’m certainly much nicer after exercise!), but it’s been a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by down to earth people who all share the same collective passion.

Outside of work Georgie enjoys

Everything active – running, spinning, strength training, dog walking. Anything that doesn’t involve sitting down. I also enjoy eating out with my husband and friends (especially Japanese or Italian); a pub garden on a summer’s day; travelling; and baking with my little boy.