Career background & highlights… 

Sam has 6 years of experience in sports PR and marketing, with a particular expertise in the sports of triathlon and running. Sam’s career highlight so far was the launch of Beta Fuel, a class-leading nutritional range for endurance sports. The launch involved journalists and influencers undergoing in-depth laboratory testing of their metabolic activity to understand how fuelling affects performance. 

Role at Aspire…

I’m an Account Manager with a focus on On Running, Sealskinz, and Thule.

How far removed is your childhood dream from what you are doing today?

As a youngster I wanted to be a professional rugby player, having grown up being obsessed with Jonny Wilkinson. Unfortunately, that dream didn’t last long. My body was far better suited to long distance running than charging down a rugby pitch! I now absolutely love running and fitness and I’m now grateful to be involved in an industry that I’m so passionate about.   

Best adventure? 

In the summer of 2014, I spent some time in a camper van travelling around New Zealand, which was an incredible adventure. I’m lucky enough to have family over there, and we managed to cram in everything from skydiving to whale-watching to hiking up Mt Cook.  

Adventure you most desire?

I’d absolutely love to visit Canada some time soon, with a particular dream to go to Whistler. It’s an amazing place where everybody loves the outdoors and spend their summer mountain biking and the winters skiing – the dream!

Someone you really admire?

My best friend Tom. He moved to Copenhagen after we lived together at University, with no real knowledge of Denmark and not being able to speak Danish. A few years later, he’s fully embraced the culture, become fluent in the language and is now engaged to a lovely Danish woman.   

What’s one thing you really want to do or achieve this year?

I’m really excited to be working with On Running for some very exciting launches in 2023 and can’t wait to make those a success. We’re also getting a new puppy soon, a cocker spaniel called Poppy, so I’d love to spend this year making memories with her.

Something the team doesn’t know about me but they do now?    

I was born in America, so have dual citizenship!  

What’s recently grabbed your attention?

In my spare time I’ve recently started playing a lot of chess, and a recent scandal broke out following some cheating allegations. This made mainstream news, with coverage in the Wall St Journal and the NY Times – a real collision of my hobby and professional life.     

What do you love about this industry?

I love PR and marketing as it focuses on finding people who share a passion and excitement for breaking stories and trends. With that in mind, sports PR takes that a step further and I making genuine connections through a shared love of the outdoors.

Outside of work Sam enjoys… travelling, the mountains, and the sea! I’m lucky that my close friends and family are similarly minded, and our idea of a nice weekend generally involves an adventure of some kind. I also love trying new things and have kayaking next on my bucket list.

Sam Begg Account Manager

Mobile: +44 (0)7860568812