On November 16, the first ever Thule Experience was held in Malmö, Sweden, showcasing over 30 new products in a unique brand event.

Thule showcases new products and new product categories

In 2024, Thule is set to launch more products than ever before, including two exciting new categories – car seats for children and dog products. This expansion aligns with Thule’s vision of offering safe and easy transportation solutions for an active lifestyle.

An immersive experience at Lokstallarna

To display the latest in urban and outdoor design, Thule welcomed 650 guests to Lokstallarna, a unique industrial venue in Malmö, Sweden.

Inspiring ambassadors from all over the world

More than 40 Thule ambassadors participated in a dynamic show, highlighting the versatility of Thule products through activities like walking, running, biking, driving, and skiing down the runway.

As a special highlight, legendary alpine skier Ingemar Stenmark, the first Thule ambassador, graced the event, symbolically linking the rich heritage of Thule with its future aspirations.

“We aim to inspire an active lifestyle, and the Thule Ambassadors are key to this vision. They are not just athletes or professionals in their fields but are individuals committed to making the most of life. Their passion and dedication reflect the spirit of Thule,” explains Tina Liselius, Vice President Brand at Thule.

A first-hand experience of new products

The post-runway exhibition allowed guests to interact with the new products, offering a tangible feel for the diverse product categories.

“There’s no substitute for experiencing Thule products firsthand. When you try them out, you understand our commitment to design, user experience and product quality. And you see that the same philosophy is evident in everything from bags to strollers, to bike carriers, to roof top tents and starting next year, car seats and dog products”, concludes Tina Liselius.