The new Thule Motion 3 is designed to fit into an evolving automotive landscape, combining contemporary design with robust functionality and improved aerodynamics.

Design: modernized with new functionality

The Thule Motion 3 incorporates influences from the growing trend of vehicle electrification, ensuring it stays at the forefront of design and sophistication for years to come. Its sleek aero silhouette, integrated handle, and dynamic nose serve dual purposes: they’re aesthetically pleasing and functionally advantageous, paving the way for improved aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics: fuel-efficient and reliable

Rising fuel prices and range considerations make the significance of aerodynamics greater than ever. Thule Motion 3 has a range of improved aerodynamic features such as a lowered nose, streamlined wing shape, and integrated handle. “These changes make the roof box to cut through the wind more efficiently, so the ride becomes more fuel-efficient”, explains Björn Strid, Director Product Management at Thule. “The new design improves the aerodynamic performance of Thule Motion 3 without compromising on storage capacity.”

Accessories: elevate the experience

Thule Motion 3 comes with a range of accessories to simplify your adventures, including: Thule GoPack duffels, customized box liners for each size, a LED roof box light and lid pull straps. These additions serve to enrich the overall consumer experience. With a wide range of accessories, Thule offers a travel storage solution that can be customized to suit any need.

Features and benefits:

• Forward-looking design influenced by modern automotive aesthetics, featuring a sleek aero silhouette and dynamic nose.

• Improved aerodynamics that enhance fuel efficiency, without compromising storage capacity.

• Extended size options, introducing two low-profile versions for greater versatility.

• Smooth functionality, highlighted by a reinforced lid and optional pull strap for effortless opening and closing.

• An expanded accessory line, featuring new Thule GoPacks duffels, customized box liner, LED roof box light and lid pull straps elevate customization possibilities.

The simple, yet secure, Thule Motion 3 can be elevated with its range of premium accessories such as bags, liners and lighting solutions. 

The Thule Motion 3 is available to consumers now both online and through automotive resellers, in 7 different sizes, including low-profile options. Prices range from £569.99 – £879.99.