Aspire team member puts the Marree virtual online bra fitting service to the test.





If there’s one thing that I have taken from good old 2020 is that self-care in pretty important.  Ever since having my little one I haven’t really paid that much attention to myself, as long as Penny has the best clothes, lovely hair and great shoes, that’s all that matters.  After the devastating year 2020 turned out to be, enough was enough for 2021 and I made some New Year resolutions for ME.  These were to get fit again (I let things slip in the various lockdowns and turned to chocolate, sweets and wine to make things better!) and to take more solo time out and do what makes me happy and that’s running.  Not only does it give me the headspace I need, it also gives me the chance to take stock and plan my work and family life better.

I decided to do RED January, so every day I took to the pavements and Bushy Park in the rain, freezing cold and even the snow to complete this challenge.  I ended up completing 202K which was absolutely brilliant.  I was pretty chuffed to say the least and it felt great!

It dawned on me one morning that the running bras I was running in are nearly as old as me! Seriously they are definitely passed their best.  

Having worked with MAAREE for the past few months it has really opened my eyes to the importance of the right equipment for your chosen sport and having the right sports bra is just as important as the bike you ride or the trainers you run in, so it was time to invest in a new bra or two.

I choose the Solidarity Bra as this is specifically designed for running but I didn’t know where to start with the sizing – I haven’t been measured for years! I am definitely not a prude but I don’t feel the most comfortable in these situations especially not with a client! Mari offers a free 15 minutes Zoom fitting service to all her customers every Friday, so I jumped at the chance to bunk off home schooling and get fitted properly.

It was a bit of a bumpy start as I didn’t have a measuring tape so I had to delve into my husband’s toolbox and grab his cold metal tape measure, followed by the dog repeatedly dropping his ball in my lap and growling for me to throw it for him while on the call.  Mari remained very professional and said I wasn’t the first to not have a tape measure so that me feel better straight away!

First, we measured the underband (where your bra sits) and then my cup size, taking the tape measure over the fullest part of my breasts.  Mari then compared my bust measurement to my underband measurement to get my size.  She calls this Sister Sizing. I quickly learned that an A cup is a difference of +1 inch. B cup is a difference of +2 inches. C cup is a difference of +3 inches. D cup is a difference of +4 inches and so on.


The bra arrived in days, it came nicely packaged with a reusable drawstring bag (that Penny has stolen from me for her doll clothes), the Coral colour is vibrant and reminded me Spring is on the way.  It’s such a pretty colour.

I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s incredibly comfortable and I am amazed by its ability to keep everything in place! The Overband® Technology gives so much support and there is zero bouncing when running, it’s an absolute game changer in my sports wardrobe.

So, if your New Year resolutions are still intact and you are still taking care of yourself, I highly recommend the online fitting service to get your correct size before investing, you won’t regret it, just don’t forget your measuring tape!

The Solidarity Bra is £64 and is available to purchase from the Marree website.