Following On’s most recent shoe launch, the Aspire team have been putting the new Cloudboom Echo 3 to the test. Here’s how Georgie, Sam and Josh got on:


The hotly anticipated latest racing shoe from the Swiss sportswear brand. The On Cloudboom Echo 3 is On’s fastest ever road racing shoe – developed in conjunction with their elite athletes and honed in the biggest races worldwide. The shoe features On’s signature CloudTec®, a carbon Speedboard®, and new Helion™ HF hyperfoam that fuses impact protection with supreme energy return, and is made out of 46% bio-based materials.

A supershoe built with a carbon-plate in the sole and Helion hyperfoam derived from castor beans, the Cloudboom Echo 3 are designed to help athletes to a PB.  


On has designed the shoe for racers, or anyone chasing a PB – it’s designed with both speed and distance in mind, proving an ideal marathon shoe. It’s a ‘super shoe’ designed to be worn on race day, helping runners bring their best to the start line.

Designed for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level, especially over longer distance. Could this be the perfect shoe for your next marathon?




Aspire’s Senior Account Director, Georgie Tweddle:

My first thoughts were, they look great (sleek and understated) and feel light for the level of cushioning – 215g to be precise. They lace up beautifully with no overtightening issues and felt ideal width-wise, something I often find a challenge with my narrow feet.

Being between races, their maiden voyage was a hill intervals session. I was immediately struck by how they propel you forward, encouraging even the most weary legs to run in good alignment. As a mid-foot striker (heel striker on a bad day) I noticed a significant difference in the way they made me run, creating a more effortless feel.

They felt firmer to run in than my usual go-tos, the On Cloudmonster, but not unpleasantly so. When tackling my hill intervals I found it easier to get my knees higher, no doubt helped by the spoon-like shaped full Carbon Speedboard® sandwiched between the midsole layers. But the biggest surprise was to see that my intervals were 3-5 seconds quicker (over 200m), consistently, with genuinely no extra effort on my part.

At a glance:

Best feature: The new Helion™ HF hyperfoam, which optimises energy return

Surprising discovery: The noticeable different in energy return (and pace) from first wear

Perfect for: Competitive runners and those looking to chase a marathon PB

Copywriter, Josh Low:

I took the On CloudBoom Echo 3 for a spin during an interval session.

The shoes are lightweight, comfortable and the midsole had a bounce that felt as though my stride was lengthening more than usual. There’s a sensation of being propelled forward as you run.

The function is matched by the looks. They’re pretty stylish for shoes aimed at those focusing on performance.

I would love to see how the shoes perform over a marathon and at full race pace conditions. But there’s one catch. The upfront claim that the On CloudBoom Echo 3 are only good for 4 marathons got me thinking about how I could train in these and see how my feet feel when the long distances kick in. I wouldn’t want to use up the shoes’ valuable lifespan on long training runs or warm up races.

Maybe On is being more honest than other brands. It’s just hard to compare until other manufacturers release similar information about longevity.

At a glance:

Best feature: genuine pacey feel

Surprising discovery: the comfort, I’d wear them more if I wasn’t worried about the lifespan

Perfect for: racers looking for added time gains

And finally, Account Manager, Sam Begg’s verdict:

I loved how responsive the Cloudboom Echo 3 was underfoot. I wore them for some training at the track, and naturally found myself wanting to push the pace and take my running to the next level. They were fast, without losing the ‘feel’ underfoot that you often get with supershoes with large stack heights and very cushioned foam. 

At a glance:

Best feature: The combo of the speedy carbon plate and the Helion hyperfoam.

Surprising discovery: I loved the feel of the upper construction of the shoe. Having only worn one other pair of supershoes in the past, I was surprised at how comfy the shoe was.

Perfect for: Setting a new PB on the roads.