Aspire’s Josh Puttock tests the all-new On Cloudboom, On’s ultimate competition shoe.

What is it?

The Cloudboom is On’s exciting new race shoe built for – yes, you guessed it – racing. Featuring a carbon-fibre infused Speedboard and twin CloudTec cushioning for ultimate comfort and a responsive push-off, it’s a shoe that’s made for performance, speed and distance. The Cloudboom features a 9mm offset and weighs in at 280g, which makes it both supportive and incredibly lightweight. 

Who is it for?

If you’re a neutral runner looking to secure a personal best from half marathon to full marathon distances, this is On’s shoe for you. Many runners have previously worn the Cloudflow for racing these kinds of distances, but the introduction of the Cloudboom might just change this. A minimal mesh upper and On’s first carbon-fibre infused Speedboard makes this a go-to for runners looking for speed.

Our verdict

As a regular runner who has worn a number of On’s running shoes over the years, I’ve been looking forward to running in these for a while. Like with most On shoes, my first impressions have been really, really good. The shoe, although light and fairly minimal looking, offers a much-welcomed light and bouncy feel. A lot of runners opt for a cushioned and responsive ride when picking a shoe, and this shoe ticks this box.

I was initially keen to see how this felt compared to their faster shoes, such as the Cloudflash, Cloud X and Cloudflow. The biggest difference I have found is that the Cloudboom’s new carbon-fibre infused Speedboard really helps your foot ‘rock’ forwards. As you push off, the shoe springs into action and propels you into your next step. This is a feature that stands out, especially when selecting a shoe for race day. 

So far, the Cloudboom has felt incredibly cushioned and light during my slower paces runs. As I’ve picked the pace up, I’ve really felt the midsole and Speedboard kick in as I’ve sped up and shifted to a quicker stride. While the shoe has felt a little narrower than my go-to shoe, the Cloudflow, I feel a snug fit is in fact right for this shoe. The mesh upper also feels a lot lighter than any On shoe I’ve worn before, which is noteworthy too.

All in all, I’ll no doubt be giving the Cloudboom a go during my next race – whenever that might be!

At a glance 

Price: £170

Best feature: the Carbon-fibre-infused Speedboard

Surprising discovery: the cushioned yet bouncy midsole

Perfect for: neutral runners who want a racing flat feel and a cushioned ride