The Aspire team puts Zone3’s brand new Venator-X goggles to the test




It was the first-time swimming today in over a year and it was so nice to be back in the water. I found the Venator-X goggles comfortable and they didn’t leave marks around the face like most goggles do.

I had no problems with them fogging up and there was no leaks either. They are really easy to adjust and the visibility under the water was really clear. I love the handy pouch they come in to save them getting scratched in your bag. 

Highly recommend these and the price point is spot on. Can’t wait to test them in open water soon!




I couldn’t have been more excited about Hampton Pool finally opening again. As a bonus, I was testing out a pair of Zone3’s new Venator-X goggles – perfect timing as my goggles were in need of replacement.

I tested the polarised version in black with snazzy gold lenses. They look stylish and I was at risk of having ‘all the gear and no idea’ given how long it had been since I’d been able to swim! I love Zone3 gear and these didn’t disappoint. 

After some easy adjusting, they fitted comfortably to my face, didn’t leak and didn’t leave me with such bad goggle marks as I usually come away from the pool with.  I’ve since worn them in the lake too. We haven’t had the sunshine to really test out the polarised lenses, but here’s hoping that I’ll get a sunny swim soon.




The Zone3 Venator-X goggles are a game-changer when it comes to indoor and outdoor swimming. 

Not only super comfortable but easy to adjust, plus the strap doesn’t slip. The polarised lenses really do reduce any glare and the UVA/UVB protection is an added bonus, especially for sensitive eyes when the sun is out. 

Love the colour – I chose the white/pink combo and the soft pouch is ideal for keeping them well protected in my swim bag.

Highly recommend and look forward to my next swim session!