Since working with FORM the team have been busy learning about and testing FORM’s in-goggle display and real-time visual feedback.

Last month Sam and Becky hit the water and here’s their hands-on reviews:

What is it?

FORM smart swim goggles are specialist goggles with a built in Augmented Reality display that are designed to help you improve your swimming.

Who is it for?

From Olympic swimmers to individuals looking to develop and improve their swimming pace, form and endurance.


Account Manager, Sam Begg:

Unboxing and setup

Premium quality packaging and box, with very easy QR code to download app. The app installation and setup very straight forward and I particularly like the  automatic syncing between goggles and phone as soon as the googles turned on. The overall app user experience was very smooth and straight forward.

In the water

I swam a pre-planned and inbuilt workout, which was very easy to select and start. The goggles come with six different sizes of nose bridge, so I changed this to fit my face better.

Initially on push-off, water leaked into the goggles but once I resized the head strap there were no further issues. Heads-up display was non-intrusive and super helpful.

Brilliant motivation tool for training, and a great system to help track and remember a workout (in the past I’ve written a set down on paper, slotted into a clear plastic pouch and ‘stuck’ on the poolside). Stats displayed were pace, time per length, stroke rate, and distance left in set and the post-swim upload to the app was automatic and seamless and can be pushed directly to Strava.


I was super impressed with the ease and UI/UX of the system, as well as how useful the data was. I was a bit worried the headsup display would be intrusive or not useful, but I found it a really motivating tool and will be amazing for anyone who swims alone.

Aspire’s Account Director, Becky Hepworth:

The FORM goggles are beautifully packaged and come with a hard case, which is large enough to contain the charging cable and other accessories but the perfect size to throw in your swim bag.

Goggle set-up

Setting up the goggles was very straight-forward, the initial set up took about 10 minutes once I’d downloaded the FORM app. A Step-by-step tutorial was provided and before I knew it they were ready to use. There’s also the option to pair them with your watch too. The digital data is easy to see within the google even with a prescription of -1.75. I’ve yet to explore all other functions but look forward to checking out the full menu of metrics,  workouts and training plans.

Goggle performance

The fit was very comfortable, especially the leak-free silicone eye seals which kept the water out and goggles fog free. The strap is fully adjustable, sits comfortably around the head and stays firmly in place whilst swimming. The goggles also come with six different size nose bridges so you can choose which fits best.

Whilst swimming It took a while to get used to the digital display at first but it soon became familiar and after a while relied on having the data there – it certainly keeps me motivated and helps me up my pace. It’s great too to see how different strokes affect my heart rate and how many calories I’ve burned!


These goggles are an investment piece but if you’re training for a triathlon or just wanting to improve your swimming pace then I highly recommend them. The lifeguards at my local pool were certainly very impressed (with the goggles – not my swimming!).

At a glance:

Price: £249

Best feature: The mirrored lenses – perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Surprising discovery: Displays calories burned and syncs with Strava and other fitness apps.

Perfect for: Individuals that want to create a swim training programme or those training for a triathlon.

More info: Click here