Following On’s most recent shoe launch, the Aspire team have been putting the new Cloudsurfer through its paces. Here’s how Layla, Vikki, Tania and Joanna got ON:

What is it?

The On Cloudsurfer is the 7th edition of On’s first ever shoe. The original shoe was born in 2010 and 13-years on, this revamped version showcases completely new CloudTec Phase technology. As is the case with many On shoes, they offer extreme comfort fresh from the box, yet can perform to the highest standards if required for getting a PB.

Who is it for?

The Cloudsurfer is an all-round versatile shoe, a well-balanced daily trainer with enough versatility to handle easy everyday miles to faster-tempo runs! It’s a fun shoe to run in, so it also lends itself to runners looking to inject some energy back into their training.


Founder and CEO, Layla Smith:

Overall it’s a massive thumbs up from me. I can never imagine that I will love the one of the next On shoes more than a recent favourite (for me that’s the Cloudmonster), but these are very lovable in so many ways.

The CloudTec Phase technology is completely new, this is exciting – designed to minimise stress on hard ground.

Sustainability has been at the forefront of this reconstruction, reduced waste in the manufacturing process and dope-dying techniques used on the upper, which means 95% water is saved on conventional dying techniques. PLUS the upper is made of 100% recycled materials! On are making massive strides in sustainable solutions and much of that is demonstrated in this model.

I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be special and it didn’t disappoint.

Aspire’s Account Director, Vikki McGill:

The Cloudsurfer was On’s very first running shoe. Seven iterations later, and it’s getting top marks all round and might just be one of On’s best running shoes yet!

The biggest difference comes in the midsole, which has been completely redesigned from the previous seven versions, removing the Speedboard plate and introducing what it calls CloudTec Phase technology.  They’re noticeably softer than many On shoes with great cushioning and the biggest Cloud pods ever! They make running feel effortless thanks to the midsole foam and the layer of outside runner at the toe and heel.

Having run in the On Cloudmonsters for over a year now, I was very much looking forward to trying the Cloudsurfer out to see if there was a comparison.  I was intrigued to see if the ride was equally as smooth and as bouncy, and I can confirm it is.  They

really do make running hard, feel easier – it’s much smoother, lighter, softer and springier.  A game-changer in my view and I can’t wait for my next run!

Creative Content and Community Lead, Tania Lewis:

With my first 10k race quickly approaching, I was on the hunt for a shoe that could take me to the finish line with ease. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to try out the all-new On Cloudsurfer, and it did not disappoint. 

Having previously tested On’s Cloudmonster in the summer, I was eager to see how the Cloudsurfer stacked up. Right from the outset, I could tell that the Cloudsurfer was different – it felt lighter, more responsive and incredibly comfortable, making my runs feel effortless. 

This softer, lighter feel is a result of the brand-new CloudTec Phase technology, which has eliminated the Speedboard plate from the midsole. I’m already excited to see how this technology will evolve in other styles. What’s more, they’ve removed the plastic overlays and bumped up the total recycled content to 30% – great to see their commitment to sustainability in every shoe they release. In my eyes, any shoe that adds some extra spring to my strides is a winner, and the Cloudsurfer has exceeded my expectations as an all-round brilliant training shoe.

Finally, Aspire’s Account Manager, Joanna Alden:

The new On Cloudsurfer 7 uses CloudTec Phase technology (the biggest difference when comparing to their last Cloudsurfer release) to achieve a rolling sensation when you run, enabling even softer landings. For me, this was the best feature of the shoe. The cushioning and comfort (achieved from the elimination of the Speedboard plate from the midsole) was really noticeable. They felt different to any other trainer I have worn, almost as if they were giving me that extra push I needed to get round my 10k training run.

The design of the shoe is also dynamic and fun, so it lends itself to someone who wants to inject some colour into their sportswear and a big spring to their step. On the flip side, the colour almost made me not want to wear them in fear of getting them dirty!

I really loved the Cloudmonster’s, so I went out not expecting to love these as much or that they’d feel as comfortable. I think these surpassed that – they made my run feel somewhat effortless. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

Price: £150

Best feature: New Cloudtec Phase Technology