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Connect with new online fans by showing how OOFOS offers a stylish take on recovery.

The festive period is often a whirlwind of social occasions and over-indulgence. How many times do we begin a new year craving time for self-care and reflection? To coincide with the moment when people are thinking of devoting more time to health and wellness, we challenged influencers to prove the recovery powers of OOFOS footwear and get 2022 off to a great start.

Taking a stylish position on recovery

OOFOS recovery shoes are a favourite recovery option for runners. Slide your feet into a pair of OOFOS after a long run, and OOfoam® technology will help your feet recover faster by absorbing 37% more impact than traditional footwear.

Over the last few years, as the OOFOS range has extended into clogs, slippers, and boots, the brand has broadened its appeal beyond its core running audience.

OOFOS is now at the forefront of self-care and wellbeing conversations as more people recognise the recovery benefits of OOFOS footwear.

Our opportunity as the beginning of 2022 approached was to further establish the preventative rehabilitation (pre-hab) benefits of OOFOS and take the first steps into positioning the fashion credentials of the brand.

“Don’t mind me, I’ll be resting and walking in my @oofosuk all day, oversized tracksuits and a lot of coffee. This is my most perfect rest day!”


Partnering with key influencers

Our ‘Prehab in Style’ campaign was based around partnerships with relevant influencers. Our message was about recovering in style and getting the new year off to a great start.

We wanted to show that OOFOS offers the perfect comfort and rehabilitation for anyone wanting to recover from the stresses of sport and exercise, and those who generally lead a full-on life and need some self-care.

We selected 3 prominent influencers: India Morse (@youleanmeup), Charlie Watson (@therunnerbeans) and Aimee Long (@aimeevictorialong).

We challenged our fitness, lifestyle and running influencers to ‘Prehab in Style’. We asked our influencers to select the OOFOS footwear of their choice and style them with socks or outfits for the ultimate pre-hab look.

Whether it was a cosy hygge look, post-gym photo or something festive, we wanted to position the brand in a different way, putting OOFOS footwear in a stylish context with a whole new audience.

The campaign was timed to increase social reach and engagement across the festive gifting period. We also wanted to use the campaign to gain new social-led assets that could be used across OOFOS channels for future PR and marketing activities.

Engaging new communities


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Showcasing the recovery lifestyle

The ‘Prehab in Style’ campaign allowed OOFOS to reach wider audiences through working with new influencers within the fitness and lifestyle space, whilst positioning the product as an essential recovery partner for the festive season.

India, Charlie and Aimee put their own spin on the brief and drew on their personal experience of recovery and self-care through their imagery and messaging.

December was the perfect time to launch this campaign as it was a chance to reflect on a year that was tough on both our minds and bodies, and the need for added recovery and comfort.

The campaign had a total reach of 177k and gained 3.5k content interactions, with many followers leaving positive comments stating that they were eager to try a pair themselves. The results showed that the campaign was effective in introducing the brand to new and engaged communities.

The influencers shared 22 images in total, showing OOFOS being styled in different ways. The authentic UGC was utilised across OOFOS owned marketing channels including the customer newsletter and social media. India’s imagery was also used on the OOFOS global Instagram feed.

The campaign served as a brilliant opportunity to further secure OOFOS as an essential recovery tool, whilst increasing visibility across new communities and allowing for new assets to be created and shared.