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Show how Sealskinz waterproof products can help runners and hikers better connect with nature.

Spending time in nature offers many physical and mental health benefits. Yet, throw in damp weather and hilly terrain and many people are put off taking a trip to the countryside. We set out to show a group of city dwelling media and influencers that you can easily enjoy a day out immersed in the UK’s natural beauty when you’re wearing the right waterproof gear. 

Putting products through their paces 

Sealskinz is an innovative British sportswear company. For over 25 years, it has been developing waterproof socks, gloves and hats to help people get the most from their time outdoors.  

Sealskinz products are made using a cleverly constructed waterproof, windproof and breathable design, which acts as a barrier against even the most extreme weather conditions. 

For the first live event of 2022, Sealskinz asked us to broaden awareness of the brand and introduce their products to new audiences. 

Building on the success of previous Sealskinz events, we wanted to connect with new, diverse communities and show how Sealskinz products enable runners, walkers and hikers from all different backgrounds to enjoy the countryside. 

Our objective was to show the psychological and physical benefits of spending time and exercising outdoors, and the importance of caring for green spaces.  

“The gloves and hat did a great job of keeping us warm and getting us through the rest of the trail run, a truly fantastic experience.”

Outside & Active Magazine

Getting out whatever the weather 

Our Sealskinz event was titled ‘Connect with Nature’ and took place in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, giving easy access to the beautifully rugged terrain of the Peak District. 

To secure media coverage and social media buzz, we invited press and influencers from London to show how they could have an exhilarating outdoor experience in just one day, even in wet weather. 

As the perfect demonstration that Sealskinz is an all-year, all-weather brand, our group tested Sealskinz waterproof hats, socks and gloves on guided hikes and trail runs, during a typically rainy spring day. 

We chose Harrison Ward, aka the Fell Foodie, to lead the event. Harrison is truly passionate about the outdoors and champions the importance of looking after the planet for our own wellbeing. 

The Fell Foodie cooked lunch outdoors and held a question-and-answer session about the connection between spending time in nature and our own mental health.  

We worked with Peak Footwear in Holmfirth as a retail partner and used their shop as a base for the event. Peak Footwear also provided the local expert guides to take the group exploring the Peak District trails. 

During the event, we captured photography and video for Sealskinz to share with guests and for use on the brand’s own channels to generate further exposure and engagement. 

Blazing new trails to brand fans


Social media reach


Estimated media circulation


Estimated media reach

Increasing exposure with diverse groups 

The Sealskinz ‘Connect with Nature’ event provided a memorable experience for everyone involved. The choice of trail run or hike made the event accessible to everyone whatever their level of fitness and was the perfect opportunity to test Sealskinz products first-hand. 

The Fell Foodie really brought the event to life speaking engagingly about the great outdoors, mental health and the Sealskinz brand. Harrison’s lived experience of improved mental wellbeing through exercising in the outdoors, as well as his expertise as an environmentally conscious camp-stove cook, really added authenticity to the event. 

Our diverse and inclusive guest list helped to generate 39 mentions and a 26.7k reach on social media. Inviting influencers such as Haroon Mota from @muslim.hikers helped Sealskinz reach a new demographic of outdoor explorers.  

In the media, the event was covered in Outside & Active, Trail Running, Women’s Running and Runner’s World. The media exposure achieved an estimated circulation of 51,425 and a reach of 914,901. 

The positive event experience has set up Sealskinz for further media opportunities and the success of working with Peak Footwear can be a blueprint for future event partnerships with local retailers.