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Taking the chill out of winter swimming with Zone3




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As the well-known saying goes: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing’. For the first live event of 2022 for Zone3, we asked swimmers and triathletes to brave chilly temperatures and test Zone3’s thermal wetsuits, neoprene accessories and the recently launched Heat-Tech Changing Robe. Our goal was to show urban swimmers that there’s plenty of opportunities for swimming, even in winter.

Broadening the appeal of Zone3

Zone3 is regarded as the world’s highest rated triathlon brand. Its mission is to inspire athletes to achieve their goals, from experienced swimmers through to people beginning their journey in the open water or pool.

To showcase Zone3’s cold-water products and celebrate the launch of the Heat-Tech Changing Robe, Aspire were asked to broaden awareness of the brand and connect with swim groups beyond their core performance audience.

Our goal was to explore accessibility, diversity and inclusion in swimming. We wanted to communicate that Zone3 is a brand for anyone passionate about swimming, regardless of experience or background.

By testing cold-water products, we could show first-hand that you can stay warm, protected and comfortable in the water if you wear the right kit.

We also wanted to use the swim event to secure media coverage and explore opportunities for future brand partnerships.

“Thank you again to everyone who organised this authentically inclusive event and spreading so much joy at 7am in 4.9C° water!”


Enjoying an urban winter swim experience

The planning for our event was based around finding the right swim location, in an accessible place, at the right time of year, and hosted by an inspiring ambassador for the brand.

We chose Brockwell Lido for its iconic London profile; the pool is the perfect destination for an urban swim event. In the summer, the lido is heaving as Londoners cool off, but in the winter it’s only the dedicated swimmers who brave the cold.

We organised an event for a chilly day in January. Our event began with a poolside warm-up led by Paralympic swimmer and triathlete, David Hill. David was born with no left forearm and, through hard work and passion, went on to represent Great Britain at the highest level at swimming for 15 years.

We invited a select group of media and influencers to attend, and members of the LGBTQ+ aquatics charity, Out To Swim, who were our partners for the event.

David provided all attendees with an introduction to cold-water swimming, including water safety, breathing techniques and the many physical, mental, and social benefits of the sport.

Our guests then took part in a winter swim session and tested out Zone3 kit including thermal wetsuits, neoprene swim caps, gloves and socks, swim goggles, and the Heat-Tech Changing Robe.

After the swim, there was an informal guest Q&A with David, followed by hot drinks and breakfast.

The event generated live coverage on the day itself, photography for use on Zone3 channels and we turned David’s talk into a short video – Cold Water Swimming TOP TIPS for Beginners – which was seeded on social channels via our event’s retail partner, Wiggle.

Making a splash on social channels


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Connecting with city swimmers

Our Zone3 urban swim event helped widen the appeal of the brand to different groups as well as demonstrating the cold-water benefits of Zone3 products.

The coached swim in an urban setting, at Brockwell Lido, showcased that city dwellers can enjoy challenging swims too. There was genuine excitement during the warm-up and enjoyment throughout the pool session.

The event generated 46 pieces of media coverage and an estimated circulation of 500,108. The video content produced with Wiggle is continuing to have a shelf-life that extends well beyond the day of the event.

David Hill was a hugely popular host and it has kicked-off a positive longer-term relationship with the brand where David can act as an expert and potential Zone3 ambassador.

The partnership with Out To Swim also proved to be a successful way to reach a new swim community and potential new brand fans. The guestlist helped to strengthen the message that cold water swimming is for everyone, regardless of experience or background, and communicate that Zone3 is an inclusive and accessible brand.

We will continue to nurture the relationship with Out To Swim and look for future partnership opportunities to share the enjoyment of swimming with their diverse community.