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Promote Canyon’s fitness bikes in the UK health & fitness and consumer lifestyle press.

Canyon is highly regarded for its quality and performance by professional cyclists and club riders. When the brand wanted to promote its hybrid fitness bikes to a new audience of casual riders and exercise enthusiasts, it called on Aspire to spread its positive message.  

Taking Canyon beyond its traditional fans

Canyon Bikes was founded in Koblenz, Germany in 2002. The brand is well known throughout professional cycling. Its bikes have powered winners of the Giro d’Italia in 2014 and 2019 and have been used to win Tour de France stages and triathlon world championships.

As well as pro bikes, Canyon also makes bikes for everyday use, whether that’s fitness, commuting or enjoying the outdoors. 

Canyon gave Aspire the mission to take Canyon beyond its traditional base and let people know about its bikes and the benefits of life on two wheels. 

As well as reaching the health, fitness and consumer lifestyle press, Aspire’s goal was to create a campaign concept that Canyon could successfully replicate throughout European markets. 

“The Canyon Fitness Bike has changed the way I look at riding, and it’s changed the way I ride. It’s more of a joy, less of a chore.”

Jimmy Leach
Editor-in-chief, HuffPost UK

Reaching people with real experiences

It’s one thing to tell people about what it’s like to ride a Canyon Bike, but it’s not until you’re in the saddle you understand the true benefits.

Aspire worked closely with the team at Canyon to design a product seeding and review programme. Two events were delivered to gain exposure for the hybrid fitness range.

Aspire took over full press office support for Canyon to manage all inbound and outgoing media enquiries. We identified key media and influencers and created review guides and press materials to support the campaign.

We then invited health and fitness influencers and consumer lifestyle media to a #rideyourworkout kick-off event and a Moving Meet, so they had the opportunity to try Canyon’s fitness bikes and learn more about the brand.

Attendees at the events could talk to fitness experts, ride out with pro-riders from the Canyon male and female professional teams, and get a feel for the bikes on organised group rides.

Media contacts and influencers who couldn’t make an event were sent a Canyon bike to test to ensure everyone had a chance to experience the Canyon ride.

Reaching a new audience


reach of media coverage


media and influencers attended events and test rides


reach of social coverage

Generating a positive response

The events had a real impact. The participants shared their experiences across Instagram and other social media platforms, and coverage reached a wide range of titles in the health, fitness and lifestyle press.

The whole campaign generated media coverage of 128,668,445 and 132,175 reach across social channels. 

Canyon’s bikes received a positive response in The Times, HuffPost UK, The Observer, The Guardian, Men’s Fitness, Outdoor Fitness, Active Magazine and Health & Fitness.

The campaign also opened up many follow up opportunities for brand partnerships, influencer ambassadors and follow-up media interviews with Canyon pro-cyclists.

For more about Aspire’s work with Canyon, visit or search for #rideyourworkout on Instagram and Twitter.