In the third of our team spotlight series, we caught up with Vikki McGill, Account Manager & Media Relations Lead at Aspire PR.

Find out more about Vikki and her role Aspire PR…

Career background & highlights…

I have been a PR superstar for over 20 years! 

Back in the day travel PR was the most desired job and I was really fortunate to have worked for some brilliant Caribbean tourist boards, luxury hotel chains, airlines and cruise lines which enabled me to see the world in ways I would have never dreamt of.  Working for Saint Lucia Tourist Board was a key highlight, in one year I visited the island eight times.  I got to know some of the locals and become an integral part of the UK Tourist Board team.  Meeting the likes of Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson, Chaka Khan and Amy Winehouse at their annual Jazz Festival was an absolute incredible experience! 

Role at Aspire…

I have a fun and varied Account Manager role here at Aspire and work across a number of clients.  The main accounts I am responsible for is On, MAAREE and Nuasan.  I am also involved in managing our brilliant Moving Meets.

How far removed is your childhood dream for what you are doing today?

Quite a bit actually! I always wanted to be an air hostess.  I did have two interviews for Virgin Atlantic but never made it passed the second one, sadly.

Best adventure?

It goes without saying that backpacking around the world for a number of years is definitely up there for best adventure! What’s not to love about being in your early twenties with not a care in the world, apart from where you’re going to sleep that night and what food you will eat that day?! 

That was pretty much my life for about 6 years.  Climbing the Cocora Valley in Colombia was a gruelling but fantastic experience, catching the sunrise over Match Pitchu was totally awesome and volunteering in a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica is up there as well.  The Carnival in Rio was bonkers but heaps of fun and wine tasting with my husband in South Africa during our honeymoon was a very special time as well.  Obviously, I have embarked on a new adventure now and they call it motherhood!

Adventure you most desire?

Any trip these days!  Having children soon puts a stop to all the travelling.  I really want to visit Sri Lanka and check out the lush scenery and exotic wildlife.  I would also love to take my daughter on a safari to South Africa.  One day!  Think we will wait a few more years for when she is older and will remember it more, plus it will give me more time to save up for a big trip!

Someone you really admire?

Joe Wicks.  I have loved following his incredible journey, from him flyering at Surbition Station trying to kick-off his first HIIT sessions to seeing him get the whole nation moving during the pandemic and then getting a well-deserved knighthood from the Queen.  He really is a true British icon with a passion for everyone’s well-being both physical and mental. 

What kept you going during lockdown?

My daily runs with the dog and spending time in Bushy Park with my daughter and husband. Being amongst nature was key for us all, it was a very unique time so we made the most of it!  We played a lot of board games together and even threw a few festivals in the garden!  Looking back at it now, it was a very special time (in the darkest of days) and being together kept us all going!

Something the team doesn’t know about me but they do now?   

I was a pretty good gymnast!  I won a few major competitions for England and travelled to some European countries representing my country.  It was very different back then compared to the sport these days, there is now a lot more government and lottery funding which has really helped put British Gymnastics firmly on the map, not to mention the high-level of brilliant gymnasts the UK has now. 

What’s recently grabbed your attention?

It’s a serious one!

The amount of young people that are losing their lives on a daily basis. It’s a massive worry and I hope this disappears rather than is getting any worse.

What do you love about this industry?

I really like how small the industry is and that everyone seems to know each other.  I absolutely love the client events and our Aspire Moving Meets.  It’s a really good opportunity to switch off from the day to day and connect with people during movement.

Outside of work Vikki enjoys

I love to run with the dog and do exciting stuff with my daughter.  She is a real adventurer and up for anything!  I love to watch her getting stuck into activities such as rock climbing, paddle boarding and fast rides at Theme Parks.  She is way braver than me and most certainly takes after her Dad!

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