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Position the latest performance running shoe from On as fun, disruptive and cushioned.

Featuring On’s biggest CloudTec® ever for massive cushioning and max energy, the launch of the On Cloudmonster was a perfect opportunity to grab people’s attention in a big way. The ‘Get Weird’ campaign brought together performance tech and running communities, media and influencers to showcase the new shoes and win over new fans with fun and excitement.

Exciting growth from deep running roots

On is a success story that goes from strength to strength. After floating on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 to become a $7 billion shoe company, the brand keeps winning over fans in the running, sports performance and urban lifestyle spaces. 

The launch of the On Cloudmonster in 2022 was yet another big moment, confirming that the brand has kept its unique, disruptive and pioneering spirit.

The On Cloudmonster is a different kind of running shoe to the ordinary performance trainer – lightweight, maximum cushioning and with a chunky fashion look.

Aspire’s challenge was to establish media partnerships to tell the On Cloudmonster story in an authentic way and establish the shoes’ performance credibility with real urban runners and brand fans.

We had to build hype and create awareness of the brand’s most ‘out there’ shoe to date.

“The On Cloudmonster is a monster shoe, with monster cushioning – and I loved it”

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Jane McGuire

Welcome to the Monster Den

Aspire’s goal was to secure coverage in time for the Cloudmonster launch in the UK through:

• a 360-degree event experience
• media and influencer coverage
• product seeding programme
• media partnerships

Around this physical space, we led a campaign to create launch momentum, drive footfall and broaden awareness of the Monster Den.

Exclusive launch preview

Aspire worked collaboratively with the On UK team to creatively conceive, execute and deliver a media and influencer preview event for the opening of the Monster Den and the launch of the Cloudmonster shoe.

The format was informative and engaging including an introduction to the Cloudmonster, a Monster Chase Run and a lively panel discussion, featuring the On Tech Team, to delve deeper into the tech, the shoe and the brand itself.

Guests included media from core running titles, tech, health & fitness and London regional outlets (WIRED, Evening Standard, Telegraph Media, Hearst Media, Women’s Running) plus running influencers from London running communities such as Your Friendly Runners, Outrunners and Black Girls Do Run.

Monster Chase runs

To give the Cloudmonster launch a big and weird feeling, On held a series of Monster Chase Runs, a relaxed 5k run through the streets of East London chasing the On Monster via GPS tracker. The Monster Runs happened every weekend and were led by different running groups to reach a wide and diverse audience.

The Run Testers partnership

We carefully selected a paid media partnership with The Run Testers, a YouTube first platform with 26k subscribers and 46k average monthly views. The partnership established the performance credibility of the Cloudmonster and supported footfall drive to the Monster Den. The runners and journalists at The Run Testers also contributed to the live panel discussion at our preview event.

Media and influencer coverage

Our press office activity included media outreach and 1:1 media and influencer visits throughout the time the Monster Den was in existence. We wanted to drive specific reviews with target titles and influencers and generate a positive narrative and key brand message pull-through.

Influencer seeding

We curated a list of creators and community leads for product seeding, as well as to attend the launch event. To build hype, our list was focused on those who live and breathe running culture, from shoe and tech enthusiasts to running community leads and track stars.

Media seeding

To secure credible coverage, in-depth reviews and amplify performance credibility with core media, we targeted key press titles. We worked closely with the journalists to ensure the coverage landed at the time of launch and to ensure all key brand messages were included within the reviews.

Making a game-changing impact


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Bringing the brand’s fun side to life

The On Cloudmonster launch was met with much excitement, thanks to the high standard of Aspire’s activation programme, from concept through to execution.

The partnership with The Run Testers elevated On in the core running space and gave the whole campaign technical credibility. The launch event panel was a key highlight. Guests were fully immersed in the open discussion that brought together On brand experts, running community leads and journalists from The Run Testers.

The guest list for the launch event was strong, inclusive and diverse. Attendees included performance titles, national press, running influencers, content creators and running communities. Everyone was genuinely excited by the Monster Chase Run and Oliver Hooson as the Monster.

The ‘Get Weird’ messaging really brought the shoe and fun side of On’s brand personality to life, and delivered visibility, buzz and hype to brand fans and new runners alike.

The feedback from loyal fans is the Cloudmonster is a game-changer for On. The successful launch sets a strong foundation for future Cloudmonster releases for lifestyle and fashion audiences.